• Karine Wlasichuk

Veggie Tacos Bowl: the Limit Does Not Exist

Updated: May 1, 2020

OK. I should warn you, this bowl is not only incredibly simple to make, it is also increasingly addictive. I say increasingly, because each leftover bowl topped with fresh and new ingredients gets better and better. I personally had 3 bowls since yesterday-good luck! Besides, I would start an entire speech on my love for avocados, but who would that help? So let's cut it short for today.

I will leave you with one thought: the next time you are hungry and don't feel like waiting on some long roast, throw a bunch of fresh ingredients over rice into a bowl. Mix while adding salsa, spices and oils of your choosing and enjoy being full and satisfied for hours. It will take you about 10 minutes and you'll thank yourself for not making the same boring pasta dish. So - and I know I have typed this over a hundred times by now- get chopping!

What I used for 2 bowls,

Red onion (1/4, thinly sliced)

Corn (1 can, drained and rinced, keep the rest for leftovers!)

Black beans (1 can, same concept here)

Avocado (1, sliced to top off)

Salsa (as many spoonfulls as desired)

Mozzarella or Cheddar (grated, by now you get it: as much as you want!)

Salt, pepper (and even taco seasoning if you wish)

Smoked paprika (a pinch)

Cherry tomatoes (4-5, sliced in half)

Rice of your choice (2 cups, for leftovers!)

Tortilla chips (to crush over your bowl!)

*As I typically end up chopping everything I start anyways (say, if the recipe says 1/3 onion, I will chop up the entire onion and keep the rest for the next meal) and I already had extra corn and beans in the fridge, I made sure to cook extra rice in order to have fast and easy leftovers on hand. Also, I like to keep everything separated so the ingredients remain fresh and tasty, with no sogginess involved. Both corn and beans in the same Tupperware, and then everything else on their own.

Four steps,

1. Cook rice and fill bowls with desired amount.

2. Add all vegetables, cheese and beans (no need to make it photogenic), throw salsa all over, salt and pepper, a few spices of your liking (or hey why not Taco mix?) and toss. I personally like to ad smoked paprika and a dash of olive oil!

3. Top with crushed tortilla chips- it will give it that extra crunch you want in each bite!

4. Tequila?

What I tossed over the rice and beans leftovers the next day (just showing you that the possibilities are endless and tasty),