• Karine Wlasichuk

Sliced or Mashed? That is the Question. 5 Avo Toast Toppings.

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

The answer is there is no right answer. Avocado is too delightful to categorise or rank texture-wise. If there is avocado on your toast, you are a lucky person, period. Here are 5 ways I like to serve mine (I'm very excited about the names I created for them so prepare to be astonished).

1. Chili Chili Bang Bang (you are 99% too young to get this, but I heard the song in my head just now) : Chili flakes, smoked paprika sea salt, olive oil galore, black pepper, a few drops of chili oil. Boom.

2. Mushroom Madness (guys I am coming up with these as I go and I am truly loving this activity): sautéed mushrooms of your choice, scallions, olive oil, dried basil, sea salt, black pepper and then more olive oil. I also loved adding sesame seeds and sesame oil once!

3. It's Always Sunny In ___ Insert Hometown? : olive oil, sea salt, black pepper, a pinch of paprika, a dash of minced garlic and eggs sunny side up.

4. Caprese Cravings: basil, sea salt, tomatoes (I like cherry tomatoes for this), sliced bocconcini and balsamic glaze drizzles (who am I kidding, drown the toast).

5. Norway and Back: smoked salmon, lemon juice, salad cress, cucumber, yogurt, chili oil or cayenne pepper (we're talking a tiny pinch).