• Karine Wlasichuk

Rollin' into Autumn with Fresh Rolls

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Haha okay no. As a few people asked me about the rolls I *super proudly* posted to my Instagram story while my daughter was peacefully snoring today, here are the ingredients and what to do with them! I understand it's odd to see a post of mine without its typical endless sentences but I want to help people make their lunches delicious and quickly! This will help. As always, you are most welcome. Also, I've made these rolls a hundred times without ever sticking to a recipe: you find what you love in your fridge and you thinly slice it. You roll it. Enjoy it. Something else you could have used in today's recipe: leftover chicken which you shredded, shrimps, carrot peels, +infinity. If you do not think that you will use the rice sheets anytime soon (although they do last pretty much forever in your cupboards), you can also crumble them into Pho/ramen type soups. I do so when some are broken and cannot be used to roll. No ingredient is ever wasted- my life motto.

You know that big wheel keep on turning, prouuuud Mary keep on burning

You will need:

Cucumber (1, thinly sliced)

Red pepper

Green pepper

Ginger (minced)

Sesame oil (2 tbsp)

Sesame seeds (2 tbsp)

Scallions, chopped (4)

Soy sauce (2 tbsp)

Brown rice (2 cups)

Cilantro (go crazy)

Rice sheets (1 pack- but you do as many as you wish! I just roll until there is nothing left)

Just a few steps,

1. Bring 2 cups of water and 2 cups of rice to a boil then reduce heat to low and cover. Let simmer for 20 minutes (depending on your rice brand).

2. Add soy sauce, sesame seeds and sesame oil to the rice. Blend. I personally like to let the rice sit for about an hour, to make sure it's not too hot and won't make the herbs and vegetables soggy.

3. In cold water, dip rice sheet for a few seconds, or until flexible, and lay on a wet surface.

4. Still on your wet surface, place ingredients top-center of the sheet and roll downwards (fold like you would a burrito!)

5. Dip in a sesame or peanut sauce and enjoy! I personally bought it today as I was in a rush ('Aki' sesame sauce).

I do this meal in 2 steps: Ella's first nap, I slice everything (although these days she loves to watch me do it while I describe all my actions to her in a fun voice it's the best time!). Ella's second nap, I roll- when the baby naps, mama wraps (no idea why I just heard Johnnie Cochran 'If the glove doesn't fit' bit in my head just now). So this might feel a little time-consuming, but you will be rewarded with a couple of lunches and dinners out of the way! So put on a good show, podcast or movie and let your skills amaze you.

Lastly, I strongly suggest playing 'Rolling on the River' by queen Aretha, it will truly keep you going. And don't be too harsh on yourself, these are made to be devoured so as you can see by my photo, none of the folds look the same and it's FINE. Rolling, rolling, rolling on the riiiiiver.