• Karine Wlasichuk

Ramen Rager: Bok Choy and Vermicelli Edition

Updated: May 1, 2020

It's 7 pm on a Friday, do you know where your kids are? At my house, eating Ramen. I thought it would sound funnier than creepy!? MOVING PAST THIS. Some people throw board game nights or Murder Mystery, I throw Ramen Ragers. Ella is turning 6 months old this week (on Christmas day at my parents', like the saint that she is) so it's a perfect time to see friends and raise a (multiple) glass (es). Whatever the holidays mean to you, friends and a few laughs can't hurt anyone (highly recommend!). This is just an easy concept out of many that you can play with to serve to your friends- I would also recommend adding enoki mushrooms and spinach!

Bok Choy in general is just such a good green to add in soups as it softens very quickly and adds a lot of flavour and texture, it is delicious both steamed and thrown in a broth- so next time you see a bag at the market, do purchase.

You will need,

Bok Choy (1 pack, sliced in quarters)

Sesame oil (3 tbsp)

Sesame seeds (garnish)

Hoi Sin (2 tbsp)

Ginger powder (1 tbsp)

Chili oil (a few drops)

Vermicelli (enough for the number of guests, we were 4)

Chicken broth (2 boxes)

White mushrooms (sliced in quarters)

Scallions (6)

Garlic (5 cloves, minced)

Coriander (a handful, rinsed and chopped)

A lot of wine to pair!

A few steps,

1. In a large pot over medium heat, toss garlic and scallions in sesame oil with salt and pepper

2. Add broth with soy sauce, Hoi sin, chili oil and ginger powder, then bring to a boil

3. Lower heat and add bok choy, coriander and mushrooms

4. Stir let simmer for 15-20

5. Add vermicelli, and the soup will be ready to serve and garnish with the sesame seeds when the noodles are fully cooked

6. Taste and add additional chili oil if desired