• Karine Wlasichuk

Marinatin' and You? A Sesame-Soy Chicken Prep

Updated: May 1, 2020

A Monday night should include such things as: baby cuddles, a nice glass of red, a beautifully marinated chicken served alongside rice, which is covered with a spinach and onion sautée along with a ginger-scallion sauce. This sentence was very long. Nevertheless, you just read all the ingredients needed for a great start to your week. If you do not have a baby, I suggest doubling on the wine or, perhaps, a puppy. It's all about balance.

Speaking of balance, the sweetness of the honey paired with the salt of the soy sauce will truly make you wonder why you don't use this chicken marinade recipe more often- but you will my friend, you will. So follow along this *two second* recipe and then enjoy the ensuing decadence, brought to you by the dripping honey shots.

You will need (for roughly 9 drumsticks),

Honey (1/4 cup)*

Sesame seeds (2-3 tbsp)

Ginger powder (or freshly grated, 2 tbsp)

Soy Sauce (a few tbsp, depending on your taste)

Sesame oil (4 tbsp)

Hoi Sin (4 tbsp)

Fresh scallions (4, thinly chopped, to top off)

*Note: I always eyeball the quantities

2 steps,

1. In a large bowl, pour ingredients over chicken drumsticks and mix thoroughly with your hands. Let marinate in a covered bowl/container in the fridge for as many hours as you wish (but don't push it).

2. Transfer to a baking dish and cook at 350 degrees for about 1 hour (I like to use a spoon to add juices to the chicken whilst serving, as a lot of sauce will accumulate while cooking).

I like to use a spoon to add juices to the chicken whilst serving as a lot of sauce will accumulate while cooking