• Karine Wlasichuk

Couscous Minute: the 60 Second Fresh Bowl Theory

Updated: May 1, 2020

This itty-bitty article is the remind you that even if you've had the kind of day where half a glass of wine hits you like a ton of bricks (we've all been there, just sleep it off with Parks and Recs episodes I promise it passes), you don't have to give part of your earnings to Domino's (you laugh but they pile up pretty fast, they truly end up overcharging after delivery fees and tips are dealt with and you most likely will feel like utter garbage for devouring all of it within minutes). Instead, I propose this: a fresh couscous bowl, ready in 1 minute. And trust me, it doesn't get much lazier than this: no waiting on the rice to cook, no draining the pasta, no vegetables to sautée or pop in the oven- and the funniest part is, vegan cafés will charge you 10+ dollars for it. HA!

So take thirty seconds to chop and throw things together and unwind, guilt-free.

You will need,

Couscous (1/2 cup)

Scallions (1, chopped)

Cucumber (1/3, chopped in small cubes)

Cherry tomatoes (3-4, roughly chopped)

Salt (I used a smoked paprika salt)

Black pepper

Lime oil (or olive oil and the squeezed citrus of your choice, hint hint they're all great)

Arugula or spinach (1 handful, I mixed both)

3 simple steps,

1. In a regular soup bowl, mix 1/2 of boiling water with 1/2 cup of couscous, cover and wait 60 seconds

2. Meanwhile, chop all veggies (excuse the ugly cutting board I had no idea I would post this until I realised just how useful and light it was) and, once the couscous is ready, place in bowl with salt, pepper and oil

3. Mix thoroughly and indulge!