• Karine Wlasichuk

Candied Carrots or, 4 Ways to Make Them Eat Their Orange Enemy

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

So I have this issue weekly. Carrots are cheap, so good for you and delicious. Therefore, I always buy a bag and try to make it happen. The result is always the same: he pushes them to the side of his plate and they stay untouched (until I eat them of course, I can't stand waste). So if you have a child who does the same as my boyfriend, it's important to think of long-term plans to change this. Today, I have 4 ideas for you.

You will need,

Carrots (peeled, as many as you wish!)

Brown sugar (2 tbsp- adjust depending on the mountain of carrots you choose to peel or not)

Butter (2 tbsp)



I also like to switch the sugar for- *ahem, excuse my Canada* maple syrup

Endless options: some people choose to make this with baby carrots and add cinnamon and cayenne powder or even honey, there are many ways to create a hot and sweet combo! I prefer the good old black pepper for today.

If this is too obvious and your significant other or child is not ready for such a blatant confrontation, you can try to hide carrots in a:

  • Smoothie or cream soup (same argument for both: if they can't see it, where's the harm?)

  • Stir-fry (if sliced very thinly you may stand a chance thanks to the wonderful flavour combination)

  • Potato mash (this one always works: cook the potatoes and carrots together, drain and mash them in the same pot with the same milk/cream and seasonings and it gives you a beautiful spotty mash which is eaten every single time)

Now, back to the candied carrots.

A few simple steps,

1. Peel and slice carrots in halves. Boil them for 10-15 minutes and drain (you still want them a tad crunchy as you are about to sautée them, thus cook them a little more)

2. In a pan over medium-heat, melt butter and the brown sugar and throw in the cooked carrots, which you toss around for a few minutes whilst adding salt and pepper

3. Serve! I chose to have them in a veggie bowl with roasted sweet potatoes and couscous, but they would pair great with steak for a non-carrot lover, as they won't be the star of the dish (baby steps)